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Fighting The Forces Of Expropriation

Expropriation law (known as “eminent domain” outside of Louisiana) is a fancy word for when the government or a private company tries to take your land against your will. The Louisiana legislature has enacted statutes to help you defend your property rights as a citizen.

Even if the expropriator can prove that they have a genuine public purpose, you are still entitled to just compensation. In other words, you don’t have to subsidize the private gain of large companies. When Penner Law, LLC, is on your side, you can expect a fierce fight for your right to keep your land or be compensated fairly for it.

Contesting The Public Necessity Of Expropriation

Landowners have the right to challenge eminent domain. These challenges are usually made on the grounds that either more land is being taken than is necessary or that the compensation being offered is not enough. These matters are typically decided by a judge, but both the landowner and the entity seeking to expropriate have the right to request a jury trial.

I am attorney D’Ann Penner, known for my award-winning skills and experience as a negotiator and litigator. I can help make sure that a landowner gets a fair deal when expropriation is inevitable.

What To Do In The Face Of The Threat Of Expropriation

If you are approached by oil or gas pipeline right-of-way agents or others who threaten you with expropriation if you don’t sign their papers, it is critical that you understand and safeguard your rights before a suit is filed against you.

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