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Resourceful And Effective Oil And Gas Law Counsel And Representation

Oil and gas law covers a wide range of deals, from the negotiation of servitude for a pipeline to a lease for the drilling of a well. Landowners with legal representation can demand fair market value per rod, renewable terms and restoration of the property to its original condition at the end of the life of the pipeline or well..

I am D'Ann Penner, an experienced business and real estate law attorney in the Lafayette area, and I am ready to advise you as needed in whatever areas of oil and gas law you need. When clients do business with me, they work directly with me. In all matters, I am very hands-on and communicative. I keep clients well-informed and welcome their involvement in their cases as is appropriate.

My Practice Focus Areas

I am here to lift burdens from individuals, families and businesses as I take care of necessary paperwork and other legal requirements. My services include:

  • Drafts and reviews of oil, gas and mineral leases
  • Drafts and reviews of pipeline servitudes
  • Resolutions of mineral rights controversies
  • Counsel on environmental compliance
  • Counsel on royalty agreements

If you bring your oil and gas issue to my attention, you can count on meticulous, diligent service and advice on how to move forward. I will not let you overlook important steps or solutions.

When Disputes Arise Over Land Use Agreements

At Penner Law, LLC, not only do I assist with the preparation of fair contracts, but I also litigate on behalf of landowners when companies have broken their promises, failing to make careful use of the property or clean up their messes when they leave.

These cases often include claims for damage to farmland, drinking water and wetlands. I am a dedicated lawyer who is ready to fight for fair compensation when an oil company or pipeline company has caused you harm in any of these ways.

Start The Conversation

Learn what to do to protect your rights and interests and overcome obstacles in oil and gas-related legal matters. Whether you need assistance with administrative work or dispute resolution, I hope to hear from you about your legal issues involving oil or gas extraction, storage or delivery throughout the state of Louisiana.

Reach my Louisiana law offices by calling 337-326-5746 or sending an email inquiry.