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Recommendations From Satisfied Clients

Bring your legal concerns to my attention. I am attorney D'Ann Penner, the founder of this firm. Learn about previous clients and cases similar to your own through testimonies from previous clients as cited below.

Quick Results

Never underestimate the power of a neutral third party to resolve a potentially difficult and frustrating situation amicably! I had a difficult business transaction that happened across state lines that D’Ann helped me resolve quickly and efficiently after months of running into dead ends by mys…

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She’s Very Sharp

When Johnny brought me by to meet you, I confess, I had thought of the Shell case as a long shot. But as I sat and listened while you asked him questions about how he learned about the trespass, I was so impressed. I later told our siblings, “You know, she might actually win something for us. S…

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Fearless Advocate

From 2017-2019, Dee represented our family in a pipeline trespass case in Lafourche Parish. We had occasion to meet with her on multiple occasions because of the unending stream of discovery requests from the defendants, who were deep-pocketed oil companies with numerous attorneys. We also saw …

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Great Representation

Dee represented our family in a pipeline trespass case in Lafourche Parish. She kept us informed on every aspect of the case. She met with us several times and was always able to answer our questions in a way we could understand. She always made it convenient for us when we had to meet. When we h…

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Leaving No Stone Unturned

Thank you so much for all your hard work and helping our family with this victory. We are so impressed with your persistence and diligence and leaving no stone unturned. You are always available to us and that is a rare quality today.

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Great Fortune

My family had a large legal case that went on for years. I had the misfortune of needing legal counsel, but the great fortune of working with Dee. She worked tirelessly on our behalf. She handled every aspect of the case, yet always made herself available to answer my questions. She was never…

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Like A Family Member

Thank you for all the work you, especially Dee, did for us. I love you like a family member. I still don’t have quite enough to get my car yet, but God will help me to achieve it. Thanks from all of the family.

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Pipeline Trespass

D’Ann did me a great job for me. She is for the little person, not for Big Oil. She will stand up for you and go all the way to help all she can. If you have a problem, she will level with you and let you know your options. I would not use any other person.

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