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When Trespassing Is In Question

In Louisiana, trespass is the unauthorized use of a person’s property by another. If the trespasser makes a profit from the trespass, they run the risk of being forced to give up the profits made as a result of the trespass. This is because private property rights enjoy fundamental and sweeping constitutional protection. It is also because trespass can only be deterred by making the business risk of being caught too high for a company to risk.

No matter how much property you own, you have the right to be free of unlawful trespasses upon and takings of your land. I am land use attorney D'Ann Penner and I have focused on trespass law issues, including pipeline trespassing, since 2015. I welcome your inquiry if you have a problem to solve and would like to know more.

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Call my Lafayette law offices at 337-326-5746 or send an email message to reach me. Let me know what questions I can answer about trespass laws. At Penner Law, LLC, I can advise and represent you if you have been accused of trespassing or if someone is trespassing on your property. We can discuss potential penalties and how to pursue or avoid trespassing claims.